Novella Advantages
novella advantage Ergonomically designed library novella advantage Various finishes novella advantage LeGoPlay - design your own kitchen
novella advantage Variety of materials to choose from novella advantage Smooth functional accessories and organisers novella advantage Attractive price range
novella advantage Wide range of colours novella advantage Hardware from internationally recognised brands novella advantage Factory-fitted kitchens
novella advantage Delightful buying experience        

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legoplay LeGoPlay
LeGoPlay is another novel concept of play aimed to design your own kitchen. We shall provide miniature modules of Novella kitchens pre-fabricated to the scale of 1:7 ratio. The customer will be able to make his/her own kitchen using these modules.This will create a certain amount of ease in understanding and visualizing of intricate modular kitchens. This system is also an added advantage offered to customer to enable more realistic visualizations apart from the rendered images.
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